It’s the Beach!

Travel Trends It’s the Beach! And travelers say it is their most popular travel activities while on vacation. According to the Domestic Travel Market Report, one is ten person-trips (10%) in the U.S. include going to a beach.

Of course, most people long for extended, luxurious, exotic, beach vacations, but actually only 36 percent of beach vacations are for a week or more. Most Americans take a vacation of four days or shorter. And 41 percent of all beach vacations includes children making family friendly resorts a popular option.

The survey also found that while Americans may dream of visiting exceptional and romantic destinations, few travelers actually venture outside of the U.S. when booking their vacations. Americans say Hawaii is their top dream vacation; however, the majority of Americans actually visit Florida, which has been the top U.S. beach destination for many years.

From the rugged coasts of Maine to the sunny beaches of California and the shores of the Great Lakes in between, the choice of coastal vacations is a varied at the 12,383 miles of U.S. coastline (includes U.S. territories, Alaska and Hawaii).

A Note About Us

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It was only natural to start blogging about my favorite travel destination– the beach. As a child who grew up in Air Force family, assignments frequently had our family living in landlocked destinations. Life in Indiana and Chicago, however, provided warm, leisurely days on the shores of Lake Michigan. But, later it was while residing along the Atlantic seaboard that I developed and perfected the skill of whiling away hours with my toes in the sand and my face cooled by the spray of salt ocean mist.

People often ask me, “Where is your perfect beach”. And the answer is usually the same, any where I happen to be sitting at the time.

Judging by the response, it seems you like the beach, too. We’ve received responses from throughout the U.S. and throughout Europe. I am thrilled!

So is it fair to ask about your Perfect Beach? Of course! By sharing information, you could entice someone to a destination never dreamed about previously. And everyone knows locales can teach other travelers to experience a destination beyond the usual touristy offerings.

The blog will feature, too, Pathfinders’ editors and occasional guest bloggers. Jump in, read the blog, offer your suggestions. Eventually the site will include photos, many of which will be sent by you.

In the meantime, I’ve got my sunglasses on, and to quote Will Smith, they “make me look good”.

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