It’s the Perfect Beach!

by Theperfectbeachbum

Travelers say going to the beach is their most popular activity they love experiencing while on vacation, according to the Domestic Travel Market Report. Also, one is ten person or, about 109. 5 million Americans say they would rather take a beach vacation than any other type.

Of course, most people long for extended, luxurious, even exotic, beach vacations but actually, only 36 percent of beach vacations are for a week or more. Most Americans take a vacation of four days or shorter. And 41 percent of all beach vacations include children.

Americans say Hawaii is their top dream vacation; however, the majority of Americans visit Florida, which has been the top U.S. beach destination for many years.

Surprisingly, in this survey, women reported they would prefer the beach than going to the spa.

From the rugged coasts of Maine to the sunny beaches of California and the shores of the Great Lakes in between, the choice of coastal vacations is as varied at the 12,383 miles of U.S. coastline (includes U.S. territories, Alaska and Hawaii).

P.J. Thomas, editor of Pathfinder Travel Magazine, is the author of

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