New Ice Cream Parlor for Dogs

by Theperfectbeachbum

Virginia Beach is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay.  This family friendly destination has accommodations and attractions for every budget and group size.

Summer experiences include a new luxury motor coach that operates round trip from Washington DC. and a host of new restaurants, entertainment, events, and attractions.

FIDO may have enjoyed having you at home during 2020, but it doesn’t mean she’s not ready for a vacation too. Take your pooch to the unique doggie ice cream restaurant, Salty Paws Ice Cream Parlor & Bakery for treats such as maple-bacon and liver crunch.

The treats are sugar- and lactose-free served sundae-bar style with a selection of meat and veggie toppings. Pooches can taste test to choose their favorite flavors.  And humans can also choose from a selection of packaged ice cream as well.

What a Doggone, pawsitvely, tail-waggin’ idea. (Yeah, I said that.)